When my site is pushed from Local --> WPE, the database does not fully upload, resulting in error establishing a database connection. Verifying by phpMyAdmin, only about 2-3 db tables have uploaded to WPE. (Though Local always indicates success with "Site pushed! Your site has been pushed to WP Engine")
This occurs even if I pull a working site down from WPE, verify that it's working properly in Local, and immediately push back to WPE without making any site changes.
Contacted WPE support. They first verified that my API access was setup correctly and later found this is a known bug: "the SSH connection times out during the mysql import, resulting in only some tables getting imported," but I haven't seen it posted on here yet. They suggested that it would hopefully be fixed in this new version (5.6.1) but I just updated and this has not resolved it.
Local log file:
Local 5.6.1+4184 (and 5.5.3 too)
MacOS 10.14.6